Still don't know how everyone is doing?

Don’t wait until the exit interview to find out what went wrong

Voluntary Turnover is costly

Over one trillion spent yearly in the US alone
Replacing one team member can cost 1.5 to 2 times their annual salary 
Burdens teammates who pick up the slack and train replacements
Diverts time from value-added programs and initiatives

"Fifty-two percent of voluntarily exiting employees say their manager or organization could have done something to prevent them from leaving their job."

Making sure something is done should be a priority.
Because not doing something affects morale, overall company culture and has a significant effect on the bottom line.
Turnorver facts

Do it right

What Matters Most?

Trust Direct from the employee, True Listening

No assumptions, no scanning of internal communication channels

Reach Needs to be available to everyone

Not everyone sits at a desk and it is important not to miss anyone's input

Simplicity It should not add more work

Everyone is busy, adding more work will add fuel to the fire

Do it right: Timing is critical

Identifying the tipping points

Small trivial events that evolve overtime into more complex problems.
Having awareness earlier will improve the effectiveness of the conversations and outcomes.
Missing the right moment to intervene, jeopardizes the possibility of turning things around and having a positive outcome.
Heads up


And the solution should work like a smoke detector
Easy to set up & maintain, providing peace of mind because it works when it is important

"This is very cool. It is truly a new approach to understand your employees."

HR consultant at WebSummit 2022 in Lisbon

"This is going to improve one on ones and save us many hours per month."

Engineer Manager at Collision Conference 2022 in Toronto


Because when we say we won't add more work, we mean it.